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WYP 18-06-19 03:06 PM

Intel releases its "Performance Maximizer" overclocking tool
One-Click overclocking from Intel?


Read more about Intel's Performance Maximizer overclocking tool.

KingNosser 18-06-19 03:25 PM

This sounds pointless since overclocking is pretty darn easy on Intel but not even setting the memory to the correct speeds this tool has a long way to go.

FTLN 18-06-19 03:52 PM

Intel shoving one right in the backend to Z370 i9 owners like me ! !

You heard it here first:


Originally Posted by FTLN (Post 1006756)
Little birdy tells me no z370 support, only z390... I hope that's not true !!

FTLN 18-06-19 03:54 PM

@TTL i really hope you kick off about this ! !

FTLN 18-06-19 09:07 PM

Just tested it, it is working fine on my Z370 + 9900K I take back everything I said !! I'll update you with OC results :)


Peace 19-06-19 05:09 AM

I would've needed this around 5 years ago :D But yes, if it doesn't set RAM speeds, then it could need a little update.

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