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Dicehunter 12-03-18 12:31 AM

Gears of War 4 Crash
So I downloaded Gears 4 from the Microsoft store, Went to play it and for some reason it crashes seconds after launching, Windows and all drivers are up to date, I've tried with CPU, Ram and GPU at stock settings and still no luck.

Out of the 100+ games I have installed, Including others from the MS store, This is the only 1 that refuses to work, Anyone seen this before or know of a way to validate game files like you can on Steam ?

Video of it happening -

SPS 12-03-18 09:28 AM

What does the windows log say?

FTLN 12-03-18 10:01 AM

If this is a windows store game, make sure all addons are downloaded and check the windows event log. I have this issue with Forza 7, downloading any free app from the windows store seems to refresh the licenses and Forza works again.

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