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tinytomlogan 20-06-13 08:59 PM

ASUS Maximus VI Extreme Review
Today we're going to review the latest top-line motherboard from ASUS, the ROG Z87 Maximus VI Extreme. For 330 this thing had better be good!


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Feronix 20-06-13 09:09 PM

Ohdear! Very curious, will read it in a bit :)

WillSK 20-06-13 09:10 PM

Now i see what you meant when you said I'd change my mind about MoBo in the ultimate gaming rig thread. What a terrible price/performance ratio

SavageCupcake 20-06-13 09:12 PM

Dear oh dear....

murphy7801 20-06-13 09:14 PM

I find this totally unshocking tbh MSI and Gigabyte are stepping up there game ASUS hasnt done anything amazing in awhile.

OmegaStalker 20-06-13 09:16 PM

Black and red is getting a bit done now needs a couple years off now anyways, the one with the thermal armor ROG board looks loads better anyways if your into thermal armor otherwise the MSI with the hints of yellow look good and the gigabyte boards are always good performers with decent looks for once with good customer support at anyrate Asus its time to stop Appling it out and cut your prices

WillSK 20-06-13 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by murphy7801 (Post 659534)
I find this totally unshocking tbh MSI and Gigabyte are stepping up there game ASUS hasnt done anything amazing in awhile.

true say. Asus doesn't seem to be taking many risks with their boards. Good ones at least (Gold motherboard anyone?)

MSI on the other hand have, improved price/performance ratios, removed unnecessary logos from motherboards, use quality black PCBs good components and have attractive BIOS layouts to boot (pun intended). Gigabyte too this generation seem to have produced some stunning looking boards, even more so with Tom's idea of alternating silver and coloured vengeance pro sticks.

MSI & Gigabyte really do appear to have it in the bag this time round.

chrismjurd 20-06-13 09:44 PM

hmm, seems a shame though, if its really as cumbersome as your stating, at that price point, damn. Asus dropped it this time, though maybe overall a good thing, some consumers go to other companies, and giving Asus a good kick up the arse.

It seems some of the other reviews are just sucking the big one for Asus, how many are on the payroll? :)

btw, how much is a "glorified" LCD fan Controller?

Spiderz 20-06-13 09:45 PM

Have ASUS lost the plot or something with the z87 series? Wonder how the Gene VI is going to turn out considering the pricing.

SieB 20-06-13 09:53 PM

When it comes to 1155/1150 you don't need these higher priced boards, the mid range ones are plenty good.
The high end ones will just let you push the OC that little bit further, as in a couple of hundred mhz.

Asus has defo dropped the ball on this one though, the top MSI and Giga boards, even though are just as expensive, do actually offer that bit extra for the money. Even if it's not that much over the mid range ones, they do still offer that bit more.

Asus have lost their way with their 1150 boards, first the nasty black and gold boards and now this. They need to pull it back for the next lot of motherboards for Haswell-E and Broadwell next year.

Hope this doesn't turn into another NZXT situation :lol:

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