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FarFarAway 10-05-06 01:27 PM

XFX + Fatal1ty
= Very fast graphics cards with an ugly mug on the front?? :p

Here's the News

JN 10-05-06 01:32 PM


I wonder if this is going to have the same effect on XFX as it did for Abit ;)

WC Annihilus 10-05-06 01:33 PM

AHAHA. He is ugly :p

limqareb 10-05-06 01:42 PM

is he that famous gamer or something?

PV5150 10-05-06 01:51 PM

Yeah lim he's a 3 x world champ (if my memory serves me correctly) of Doom 3 and UT2K3. He is an ugly bugger, it's a face only a mother would love.;)

limqareb 10-05-06 02:20 PM

doom 3 sux i v played it and donno ut but i mean i think there are better people than his stupid michael schumacher resembling face

FarFarAway 10-05-06 02:36 PM

Well he is the leading FPS player in the world at the moment

limqareb 10-05-06 02:52 PM

maybe ill ask for a 1 v 1 challenge later (nah maybe i wont could be a hacker)

FragTek 10-05-06 03:15 PM

Ahem... You know what I think about this? *Too violent for OC3D*

NickS 10-05-06 11:54 PM

All I can say about this is, one more brand I wont buy.

Soz Nick but I really can't stand this picture - or any picture of him. This isn't against you - just don't want it on OC3D :) - Kempez


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