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krthush 21-12-12 03:32 PM

Heatsink question
Sorry to repost, but my thread started to die out. Is it ok to stick ramsinks together?

As shown in these images http://s1297.beta.photobucket.com/user/krthush/library/

S_I_N 21-12-12 03:53 PM

no if you need more surface area get taller sinks stacking them have no added benefits and IMHO would hamper the one directly attached to the mofset or memory as it will get impeded airflow.

krthush 21-12-12 06:58 PM

well i pulled the extra ones off, but does it matter if:
1. on some of the individual mosfet chips, there isn't a perfect fit, so only 90-80% of it is covered.
2. if the sinks touch each other
ty for the help so far

S_I_N 21-12-12 07:47 PM

would be alot better if it covered the whole chip but only way to know for sure is try it out. It will aide alot. Plus I'm assuming your gonna have a fan directed over them.

as long as the fins are not blocking each other (running same direction I cant see them touching hurting much.

krthush 21-12-12 11:46 PM

Thanks a million dude for the help so far.
Since I've order the taller sinks you advised, which should also have a better fit, Ill have to wait till Monday to leak test the system and then after a couple of days after I'll see if it boots. I'm basically going to have 2 Corsair SP 120 fans running over the card (fitted to the expansion slot covers) which ill configure tomorrow.

krthush 31-12-12 07:43 AM

Thanks guys for all the replies.

I've gone ahead and put the heat-sinks properly on the mosfets & etc. (not stacking them now of course). The PC works HOOZA! - writing from it right now . But I have one finally query, I'm a bit concerned i can't check the temps of the mosfets using inbuilt sensors as there are none - i.e. through any software. I'm pretty sure the card is stable since its been running fine, did minor stress tests on it, as well as played a few games on it. But now would it ever be possible for me to overclock this card safely? in that case how would i be sure of the temps? should i get an infrared gun?

(N.B. I thought I'd try the card without the fans, and it seems to be working fine... do I really need them?)

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