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Madmullen 29-06-19 09:45 PM

B450 Tomahawk AMD Ryzen 2600x
Hi guys just updated my bios to version 1.80 but have found that the new version does not have the Hardware monitor that allows you to set the speed of your case fans.
My fans are now running at a 100% too loud.
I have tried to adjust them using command centre but this does not work any ideas.


RobM 30-06-19 05:12 PM

BIOS not have options?

tinytomlogan 01-07-19 08:33 AM

Can you post pics dude

Madmullen 11-07-19 05:20 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Sry Tom for not replying sooner, havent been too good lately.
I have now found the Hardware Montior which has been moved into a sub section in the bios and all fans are now set.

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