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metalshark 19-05-18 07:34 AM

Accurate Vcore on the MSI x3470 Gaming M7
As noted from the OC3D review the Vcore was taken using CPU-Z:

However in HWiNFO that seems to correspond with CPU Core Voltage (SV12 TFN) which is about .2v lower than Vcore (Nuvoton).

Does anyone know which should be relied on as the more accurate Vcore?

MattTheTechLV 19-05-18 09:20 PM

I second This
I also have a 2700x with the MSI Gaming M7 Board. Using HWinfo, on my Crosshair VI Hero (So x370) The SVI2 Sensor was the Most accurate, and that could be confirmed by using a Multi Meter on the board. However on the Gaming M7, We have SVI2 AND a Nuvoton NCT6795D Sensor, that shows a Vcore that is consistently about 0.02 to 0.03 Volts Higher. Which Should Be Trusted?

CPU-z and Ryzen Master both seem to poll the SVI2 Sensor, and The MSI Command Center that I was reluctant to install, definitely seems to Poll From the Nuvoton Sensor.

Right now I am using the Nuvoton because its higher, and I prefer to be safe, but it would be nice to know if I had some more Head room in my Voltages. Thanks for any help in advance. And Kudos to @MetalShark for Asking a Question that has been bugging me!

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