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tinytomlogan 26-07-14 12:03 PM

I think we need some compo ideas
As above - post below - lets do this!

Wraith 26-07-14 12:05 PM

A full on Treasure hunt like EVGA are running at the moment ;) searching for one picture is far far too easy.. you could also have the images hidden on sponsor sites too just to up the stakes.

smokingtommy 26-07-14 01:58 PM

Create a superhero for overclock3d and the winner gets a prize and the winning superhero gets to be a masscot for the site
it can be drawn on paper and posted as a pic so some of the younger guys can have a go or on a computer program

Excalabur50 26-07-14 02:24 PM

How about the best artwork suggestion/picture gets it put on one of your custom rigs?

Wraith 26-07-14 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by Excalabur50 (Post 772556)
How about the best artwork suggestion/picture gets it put on one of your custom rigs?

Gigabyte tried that a few years back, best artwork won a GTX 680 Windforce, well the issue with that is "The Best" got chosen... it's unfair especially for those who don't have 3DMAX or Photoshop skills.

A quiz where all the answers can be found within the subscriber vids ;)

Tripp 26-07-14 03:08 PM

how about a snack attack comp tom?

Xrqute 26-07-14 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by tinytomlogan (Post 772524)
As above - post below - lets do this!

Maybe a comp to design and source builds in different categories-

#Entry level
#Entry Level Gamer
#Mid Level Gamer
#Top Level Gamer
#Extreme Enthusiast- Must inc Custom Liquid cooling
#Bang for Buck- System with the best Performance:Cost

All entries to be submitted privately to stop people copying with all entries to be posted by OC3D when the winner/s are announced.

well thats my idea.

MadShadow 26-07-14 03:23 PM

Best design for a new forum? We've already seen a few ideas tossed around, but it would be awesome to see input from everyone.

Quadro2k 26-07-14 03:36 PM

This community is awesome. Had to get that off my chest being a newbie here.

I actually don't have anything that comes to mind but I think I have a formula to a competition that would really help others. This communities success is based around advice, people sharing their knowledge and experience, it's awesome. Could we have a contributed community made budget computer suggested by, well the community of OC3D.

This probably sounds hugely sophisticated and I have no idea how anyone would be able to enter the competition, maybe they can just enter. But wouldn't it be fun to have a community budget computer created with our brains combined. A lot of mixed opinions, a lot of posting and a very big thread I know but maybe if people post their suggested build to be entered into the competition. At the same time it would help others to know what to look for in a budget gaming computer.

Maybe someone can build of this idea?

Xrqute 26-07-14 04:11 PM

we are OVERCLOCK3D after all.

Why don't we have an overclocking comp?

Maybe Tom do some basic tutorial Vid's on Overclocking Ram and Graphics.

have 3 categories-

have it based on Stock:Overclock difference so that way anyone can join in not just those with the fastest parts which would be an issue if we were aiming for high frequency. I understand silicon lottery comes into play but as we know you could have the best chip in the world but if you don't know what you're doing you may as well have the worst and those that do know what their doing are able to make those lesser chips run at their max.

It would be a good way to stimulate the forum with alot more people asking questions about OC'ing this or that as well as boosting the wealth of knowledge with in the members. that seems like Win's for everyone, not just the winner/s of the comp.

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