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tinytomlogan 07-12-09 02:01 PM

OC3D Review: Asus My Cinema ES2-750/PT/FM/AV/RC
Ham takes a look at the new Asus My Cinema ES2-750/PT/FM/AV/RC TV card.

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Youngie1337 07-12-09 04:55 PM

Ewww, my Dad spent 65 on his TV tuner which was USB back in 2006. No matter what antenna is used the picture is HORRIBLE!!! Even used CABLE connection and still the picture is rubbish!!! In the end I have used it for a capture device for my consoles :D.

Good review though, I do not recommend one of these to anyone (no matter what model)

Rastalovich 10-12-09 04:27 AM

I'm not understanding why the performance problems or issues exist with this card.

There are, and have been, cheap Hauupage tv cards that work very simply and with something as simple as Intel onboard g965 graphics. Alot of these based on 10 year old tech. Infact cards I've personally experienced have been that old and use the Intel onboard mentioned.

Be interested if ASUS chose to reply to the review.

Lailah 04-03-10 11:00 AM

I am using the ASUS 2007 and facing the same bad picture quality. What i should have to do.

Youngie1337 04-03-10 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by name='Lailah'
I am using the ASUS 2007 and facing the same bad picture quality. What i should have to do.

There isn't much you can do tbh, just find a better Ariel or input method. You could always download Zatoo.

mayhem 08-03-10 03:32 PM

with stuff like iplayer and sky and iTV all broadcast over the net now is there any point to a TV card as such. Maybe if you dont have a net connection but other wise just hit iplayer and watch from there or even virgin media + to view your missed programs.

Or even get your self a Full working 120 Gb Arcos TV+ for 35 from curries and record what ever you whant and that in hi def and then stream it all over the house.

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