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JN 25-05-09 11:18 AM

OC3D Review: OCZ Blade DDR3 PC3-16000 6GB Kit
"Want the best performance? Got the money to pay for it? Then maybe you should check out our latest DDR3 memory kit review where we put the OCZ Blade through it's paces..." - by W3bbo


OCZ Blade DDR3 PC3-16000 6GB Kit

Mul. 25-05-09 11:46 AM

A very impressive kit there with some incredible bandwith figures, granted, at the price of a high end graphics card! :D

Excellent review w3bbo.

Rastalovich 25-05-09 11:53 AM

This is the thing that bothers me about the cpu vS memory benching and testing.

A linked-to website, which has been a companion listing of all cpus in conditions, listing many hardcore intensive processing examples of how cpus compare to others ------- this qualifier out of the way.

On this listing, the comparisons of said cpus show no-difference in running memory kits in single/dual/tri arrangements when running the benches used - but appears to show 1 cpu triumphing over others and is accepted as "well that shows that these cpus are better than others".

Surely this is complete crap. Just as a starter, every1 will know that dual channel memory works more efficiently than single - that's a straight forward 64 bit vS 128 bit logical answer. Same as 2 disks in raid0 vS a single disk, as a loose example.

Now, if the cpu benches in the list are proving "it doesn't matter" - which is bollox imo, I'm sure the majority will agree, then surely the intensive hardcore professional benches they're using, the likes of video conversion, archive packing, are failing the test and the results are worthless.

These memory strips are obviously extremely good. The said site would have u believe that using 2 of these strips instead of 3 will have no-difference to professional apps being used on ur pc (which we have established is a load of crap).

Argument may be that the tests used are done in seconds where the differences in running various memory arrangements aren't appreciated - well that's crap too cos let's realize for a second that it's the 21st century, and although computers and software are moving at a snails-pace compared to the huge strides we would get in the past, these processes are actually done in seconds!

No account either of 12m cache vS 6m over periods - which makes a difference.

Awesome review, great set of memory, and two fingers to stoopid bench listing sites that people rely on to make points about "new tech".

Diablo 25-05-09 04:11 PM

Looks some great RAM, bit pricey, but you get what you pay for I guess. 12GB might be a little pricey tho :(

Could you rerun that last far cry test because that overclock will obviosuly massively affect the results?

w3bbo 25-05-09 05:43 PM

Re run it in what way? You can't have DDR3 running at 2000MHz with the CPU at stock speed I'm afraid. It's either 2180 or 1866:(.

FarFarAway 25-05-09 05:50 PM

Fantastic review mate and a scrummy looking piece of kit. Luff OCZ RAM (8GB myself :p)

Diablo 25-05-09 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by name='w3bbo'
Re run it in what way? You can't have DDR3 running at 2000MHz with the CPU at stock speed I'm afraid. It's either 2180 or 1866:(.

Aaah, fair shout, hadn't thought of that. Just thought it skewed the results, I should have put my brain in gear :damn:

w3bbo 25-05-09 08:00 PM

lol, no worries m8. Tbh it's a pita reviewing kits that need the CPU overclocking to attain the speed required as you are correct, it does skew the results slightly hence I put the disclaimer in there.

Still, the bandwidth results speak for themselves ;).

de_lenni 27-05-09 11:58 AM

sweet looking and performing set of sticks :yumyum:

pitty they don't add some kind of 'dominator fan'-like thing

w3bbo 28-05-09 07:33 PM

Yeah that is a shame as the Dominator coolers are sweet pieces of kit. I would maybe like to have seen one of OCZ's XTC coolers included with a nice black paint job.

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