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ninezerofive 11-12-18 02:56 PM

Maximus XI Gene + ROG THOR = Connect RGB?
Greetings guys,

Maybe somebody here can help me. Was very happy to pick up both Thor and Gene units. But as it turns out I can't connect them straight away. The gene board only comes with 2x12v RGB inputs and there only 5v addressable cable and another cable on the PSU. I thought the new node connector cable will be included, but it's not.

Does someone has an idea how can I make this work and use the Aura Sync to sync all together, maybe some hub or splitter or I don't know.




tinytomlogan 12-12-18 04:13 PM

You need an addressable header. Does your board not have it?

ninezerofive 12-12-18 05:00 PM

Nah bro, Maximus XI Gene doesn't have addressable header.

AlexB 01-04-19 09:40 AM

I had the same problem as you and the only option I could fined was the Asus Aura Terminal


Hope that helps.

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