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looz 22-10-18 12:43 PM

Voltage woes
I've been running my 8700k stock recently since it has been plenty fast enough. My motherboard is an Asus STRIX Z370-F. However since I've been
converting videos recently I thought I could use a higher all core frequency.

So I modestly just set 47 multi across all cores, put voltage to offset -0.15. Higher negative offset causes my
CPU to freeze due to too low idle voltage.

But I can't seem to keep load voltages under control. I've seen spikes of up to 1.45 on -0.15 offset and strangely enough setting to manual control and 1.25V I still get such spikes! Upping the volts and dropping LLC setting still doesn't avoid the spikes and basically just ups the idle clock.

This is all with LLC level 6, I thought it would be logical to try a smaller offset with lower LLC settings and just let the voltages droop, but that lead to instability and higher average voltages.

So basically the lowest stable voltages I've gotten have been 0.71V idle, 1.37V prime blend test and occasional 1.45V spike while gaming at basically stock clocks! Is this a case of a complete lemon CPU or am I doing something direly wrong?

Edit: Actually, I managed to peg up the idle volts and then proceeded by increasing the offset - no go. So it actually just wants damn near 1.4V just to be able to run stock clocks across all cores. Obviously it could be a motherboard issue but damn.

looz 22-10-18 03:41 PM

Righto, I had missed a critical BIOS update it seems, now even 5.0 was doable with similar voltages and 4.7, well, a piece of . :D All is well what ends well but should've started by updating.

looz 11-11-19 08:24 PM

And now I swapped the mobo, 5GHz is not a problem at 1.32V. Happy now, though I suppose I could try pushing it further.

Didn't manage to reach temps higher than 75C with prime currently, lidded CPU and NH-D15 works wonders.

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