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WYP 29-09-17 01:44 PM

The Commodore 64 is getting a retro-mini remake
The C64 Mini will be released in early 2018 for 69.99


Read more on the C64 Mini here.

AlienALX 29-09-17 01:53 PM

Man I want one of these. I never had a C64 there was just no way my mum could afford it. Any way, after being ran over when I was 7 years old (bad, was hospitalised for 3 months, then nearly a year in physio) my mother became a little over protective. TBH? she still is today but I can't blame her I nearly died.

Any way what does that have to do with the C64? well, when I was about 11 or 12 I had a talk with my mum and said she needed to let me live my life more. As such we agreed that I was allowed to get on the bus and travel to the computer shop about 5 miles away, would buy a game, then return home on the bus.

So every Saturday morning I would get on the bus and take the trip, then spend a couple of hours browsing through the games and new releases, would then buy a game with my pocket money and return home to play it all weekend.

Any way, this shop (I can't remember the name of it now) had a C64 set up with a monitor. And every weekend they would leave it running Impossible Mission. I would stand there for ages waiting for it to speak.. "Kill him, my robots !" and so on. My jaw would hit the deck, and I longed for a C64. Sadly it never happened, so I would love to buy this and make my childhood dream come true.

I always hated how Speccy games would have screenshots of the C64 on the back. That s**t was like being taunted and punished every time I bought a bloody game :D

Thing is, through all of that it was still the basic Mastertronic games that got the most play time in my house. I remember a game called "Election Day" where you basically had to rally to be the prime minister lol. Me and my bro would lay on the living room floor for hours playing that :D

Tolemac 29-09-17 02:16 PM

The very 1st program I ever heard human speech was on the C64 and the game was Ghostbusters. It would have been very late 80's I think lol

AlienALX 29-09-17 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by Tolemac (Post 959835)
The very 1st program I ever heard human speech was on the C64 and the game was Ghostbusters. It would have been very late 80's I think lol

The spectrum version had speech. It was bloody awful though. Literally sounded like some one with a mouthful of cornflakes.

Bartacus 29-09-17 02:38 PM

Ahhh the old C64. How I loved it so. I grew up on Commodores. Still, this retro phase is rather sad IMO. Companies recycling old garbage for profit, and people are eating it up, waiting in line for hours to buy a SNES remake of a decades old console. That really rubs me the wrong way for some reason, even though I have many fond memories of the VIC-20 and C64. And the Amiga to a smaller extent. One thing I remember about the C64 was the sound. INCREDIBLE audio quality for the time.

mb67 29-09-17 03:06 PM

The C64 was the upgrade version of the Vic-20, which is the one I had back in '81. Good times learning how to program in BASIC. :D

NickOmega 29-09-17 03:10 PM

I actually had a C64 as a kid (would still have it if it hadn't been left in the loft by mistake when my mother moved 14 years ago :cry2: ).
Had boxes of cassette games, the disk drive along with hundreds more games and a few cartridges. No idea the amount of hours I spent on games like Turrican, Flimbo's Quest, and the Dizzy games.

I can see the appeal of these retro/throwback consoles. Obviously the games won't stand up to the expectations/memories anymore, but it'd be nice to relive some of those experiences.

AlienALX 29-09-17 03:29 PM

Didn't have a VIC 20 either. At one point I had a C16 just because there was an awesome fruit machine game on it lol

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