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Sythen 18-05-19 02:10 PM

RMA Woes
Afternoon all!

So ive just had a Ram Slot die randomly on my B350-i Strix,

Tested both of the sticks in Slot A with no issues, but if anything is in slot B, she cries with the stand pc speaker tones and the Orange light of doom.

While this is a pain, 1 slot still works, so the pc is still functional.

My issue now, is Trying to get an RMA going, WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO DO!

The support site says my serial is incorrect! why is this such a pain with asus?!

Someone please save me :(

AlienALX 18-05-19 03:41 PM

Your contract is not with Asus but the retailer you bought it from for year one. Anything beyond that is with the manu, so long as it was for more than one year.

Sythen 18-05-19 04:23 PM

You are correct, which is why im puzzled by why Asus make it so difficult to Request an RMA

AlienALX 18-05-19 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by Sythen (Post 1005988)
You are correct, which is why im puzzled by why Asus make it so difficult to Request an RMA

That's an oxy moron mate. They don't make anything difficult because they don't do the RMA.

They have an RMA system sure, but you're not supposed to use it. That's only for countries with different laws to the UK. You don't want them to initiate the RMA any way as then you'll be paying to ship it to them (Croatia? Somewhere like that).

Sythen 18-05-19 05:04 PM

Sooooo, i have a motherboard, over a year old, dead ram slot, and im NOT supposed to RMA with Asus?

Considering what ive just read across the net now, ill see what happens, but its likely that i wont be using asus boards in the future.

AlienALX 18-05-19 05:33 PM

Hilariously Asus are among the worst for after sales support dude.

Gigabyte used to be the best, and had a UK RMA. Even EVGA used to make you RMA to Germany.

Not sure if it's changed at all but yeah, Asus have always been very poor sadly.

Sythen 18-05-19 05:42 PM

Ill see what comes to pass, but it looks likely ill be dropping 120 quid on a new board....

Sythen 19-05-19 08:29 AM

So, with a fresh head today, i have confirmed it is the slot itself that is faulty, bless the wiggle test.

Already selected the aurous b450 i board as a replacement.

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