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CreatiXx 14-09-15 05:14 PM

Project Spectrum
Dear ladies and gents!

Today is "the day"

I'm opening this thread because i will be making a project for my school.
I started a course as - PC technician - and because this is still a very unknown
something around my age. I thought it would be cool to make a build (WC)
to show people what can be done with a PC.

I will be using the school's theme which i like a lot. This will be shown at our 'open house day', i got NO idea how to say it in english :D

The school will provide me the logo and colour files so i can get to work.

Now for starters, i will be using a TT Core x9 case. Despite TT reputation i bought it with a lot of doubt but once it arrived it does has his good points and a few bad ones as i will show once i get there.

It is a black case and i know there is a white version but i will paint it white myself. My dad gave me his old Spray paint gun, now i only need to get a air compressing machine and get to work. Really looking forward to it!

The GPU's will be custom painted and watercooled with a universal block ( small mod will be done here )

All the other parts will be the hardware i have now in my sig. This MIGHT get updates with time, not sure yet

Thats it for now, keep an eye :)

Now this will be taken at a slow pace, need to get some budget for the WC parts and paint but i'm aiming towards januari - februari to finish it

For those wandering about the theme, take a quick view at the site.
Custom drawings and etc will be coming up soon :)


now a few shots i made of the GPU's





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