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WYP 09-01-20 11:26 AM

Intel Xe DG1 GPU Renders Leak - DG1 is a software development card
A sub-75W discrete graphics card from Intel.


Read more about Intel's DG1 discrete graphics card.

Peace 09-01-20 12:01 PM

I like the backplate! The rest is definitely not super sexy, but also not as ugly as it could've been.

AlienALX 09-01-20 01:17 PM

These are balls slow apparently. Like not much faster than integrated and designed to coexist with the onboard somehow as an upgrade.

That's what I heard any way.

Dicehunter 09-01-20 01:23 PM

I hope they eventually enter the GPU market properly, Even a decent mid range card would be good competition.

AlienALX 09-01-20 01:24 PM

That's a pipe dream tbh.

Apparently one or two of the cards they're doing are for OEMs only.

tgrech 09-01-20 01:30 PM

From their pitch the main target for these first chips are mobile, it's seemingly meant to compete with the RX5500M and equivalent lines, they're still a notable step up from what's possible with on-board to be fair.

But it's important they can get a small simple example of the architecture out quickly for software development when it's a completely new arch. Even if you could dive straight into making 4000-shader core GPUs from day one (Which you can't bc it takes a ridiculous amount of care/R&D to scale up architectures in bandwidth or latency sensitive environments), they'd have nothing intensive to run it on properly.

They'll certainly scale up to larger GPUs since their targets include datacenter & AI where space efficiency is a big part, the question is whether or not they can maintain price competitiveness with the established competitors for the consumer sphere while doing it.

AlienALX 09-01-20 02:16 PM

Yeah I think the 'e' kinda gives away what the purpose is.

I think it combines with the onboard somehow.

tgrech 09-01-20 02:38 PM

The e doesn't imply a purpose(Unless that 'e' stands for 'everything'), Xe is the architecture used from tiny iGPUs (Starting with Tiger Lake) all the way to several thousand dollar dGPUs for exascale supercomputers.

Remember the Intel Xe arch is going into the successors to the 5000+ Xeon Phi discrete compute co-processors besides just their graphics elements. We already know the top end Xe based models will use HBM.

Warchild 09-01-20 07:03 PM

Gamers nexus demod the DG1 and counted the frames :P

Thats some impressive attempts hah. That being said. I kinda like the design. Very sleek.

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