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WC Annihilus 25-03-09 08:27 AM

OCZ Unveils Two More Affordable Gaming Mice
"OCZ Technology Introduces Two New Gaming Mice to their Lineup of Affordable Peripherals"

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lankymorley 25-03-09 04:04 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the one on the right the Raptor M3 with an OCZ badge?

OmegaStalker 25-03-09 05:17 PM

I think he has a point does look exactly the same as the Raptor M3...

WC Annihilus 25-03-09 06:23 PM

The vast majority (actually I think it may be all, but I don't quite remember) of OCZ's non-memory products are rebadged.

Brooksie 25-03-09 09:33 PM

Yeah the OCZ Equalizer is like a A4 Tech mouse or something.

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