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comandos 17-09-17 12:37 PM

NAS Shooping :?
Hi :)
I'm thinking of buying myself a prebuild NAS, primarily used for storage/media streaming (local and external) and torrenting. (1)
Iím looking for feedback on my remarks and any advice would be appreciated:

Off topic:
(1) Selecting torrent on a computer and downloading it on a NAS
In the future maybe running VMís off the NAS
(2) Been reading a lot of mixed reports on hardware decodingÖ What is going on here ?? Would I be better buying a powerful NUC and leave the decoding to it and run a Docker container on a NAS everything else?

Best regards and thank you in advance

comandos 18-09-17 01:22 PM

Anyone ?

kitomano 20-09-17 07:59 AM

Hmm, based on these options, I would personally go for the QNAP TVS-471 simply because I've been using it and it's performed flawlessly for me so far. You can retroactively expand it's storage capacity as I was reading here, but I think that might be true for all fo them :P

Overall though, it's pretty easy to set up and use, so that's what I like about it the most.

comandos 21-09-17 05:57 PM

@kitomano: Thank you :)

JLR 21-09-17 09:31 PM

I've got a Synology DS416Play. I love it.

Excalabur50 21-09-17 09:36 PM

I own a Synology DS415+ and wouldn't be without it, it's amazing

JLR 21-09-17 11:47 PM

Awesome :D, the main reason I bought a Synology as it came with a high recommendation from a friend. Since I have had it I haven't looked back :)

jimma47 21-09-17 11:52 PM

Youtube channel SPANdotCom do some pretty good head to head comparisons. Do you need decoding? Assuming you're torrenting media then if your playback device supports the file type you don't need to transcode.

Do you need 4k transcoding or is 1080 fine? Anyways this guy is pretty good at explaining. I don't think you'd go wrong with any of them. Love the look of the new QNAP TS-453B as well. I think that's the route I'll go. Synology seem to be his preferred PLEX server devices.

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