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skullen 04-08-19 01:16 PM

x 71
My secondhand bits and bobs build,with a few newish bits.
No power house just a tidyish fun build.





Thanks for looking.

Wraith 04-08-19 01:48 PM

Nice! Not seen those fan covers for years.

skullen 08-08-19 03:48 PM

Thanks Wraith :)

AlienALX 08-08-19 04:56 PM

I like. Love mnpc :)

Davva2004 10-08-19 10:42 PM

Liking the reservoir / distro plate combo. Very slick.

AlienALX 10-08-19 11:43 PM

Come on fess... How many times did you poke yourself whilst building it? I don't see blood, I am dissapoint.

skullen 13-08-19 04:02 PM

Thanks for the replys its much appreciated.
No blood was spilt :D

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