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Nezbitten 09-07-19 08:53 PM

X570 Chipset Fan noise
Hi All, I wondered what everyone's thoughts are. I've yet to buy a new PC from my old i5 that is 8 years old.

I create videos and record sound in my tiny office. I understand that most of these chipset fans are audible. I've read on Reddit that the stock coolers drown out the chipset fans. That's great if you want a "stock" cooler and don't care about sound, I've invested heavily in Noctua and I don't have any sound. So how do we get around the sound issue? Sensitive mics pick up the sound so no sound is good for all us content creators.

Do we have to buy an Aorus extreme board with no fan to keep things quiet, it seems almost implausible to think that anyone who is a content creator would buy a board with a noisy chipset fan? What to do. I already have a Fractal R5 Sound deadening case, all Noctua fans, now it's going to sound like a bee is flying around in my case. Or is it?

Was thinking of buying the 3900x. All sorts of horror stories over on Reddit at the moment about noisy fans....

Dawelio 09-07-19 09:28 PM

Have you considered an X470 board instead? Basically all of them are fanless. Do you really need PCI Express 4? If not, then get a X470 motherboard and enjoy :)

Bartacus 09-07-19 10:00 PM

If you already have a sound deadened case, I really doubt you'll notice that fan. From what I read, it never really spins up to full power until you pound the PCIE bandwidth anyway, via NVME RAID or something like that. For most people, it will be running at lower speeds. In your case (literally), you'd be fine.

I'm waiting for a water block to replace it, preferably something the lines of that crazy Gigabyte Waterforce 9900k combo. That might be the sexiest thing I've ever seen!

Wraith 09-07-19 11:38 PM

From what I've been reading today the X570 chipset runs so efficiently and cool that it technically doesn't require it's own cooler, even Der Bauer says this in his latest video.

But in all honesty chipset fan noise is so minimal over a pump or case fan noise it's almost impossible to pick up, I'd have to run my rig on a test bench to hear anything from the motherboard. Your Mic would have to be in the case I think to even pick it up, my Samson Mic sits 3 inches from the side of my rig and it doesn't even pick it up.

AlienALX 10-07-19 08:19 AM

I think the fan will be for the worst case scenario tbh. Like loads of nvme in raid etc.

Bartacus 10-07-19 03:58 PM

Yeah I watched that video, and DerBauer made a lot of conclusions from only using only one PCIE M.2 drive. Sure wish he added in a second for testing. I am VERY tempted to get a pair of 2TB Intel M.2s on the cheap (~$260CDN). 4TB of RAID0 storage, no cables. My dream of ditching magnetic storage has arrived, hallelujah!

Wraith 10-07-19 08:13 PM

Still damn impressive considering it peaked at 9.76w on natural air flow with 1x NVMe, 2x SATA loads, drives running CrystalDisk and 1x GPU being tortured with Furmark.

Nezbitten 12-07-19 09:50 PM

Thank all for your input, ive noticed new fan profiles being brought into the BIOS for "Fan Stop" as the lowest option. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comment...stop_profiles/ TBH i work in Photoshop all the time and I know 9900k wins out there but it also runs hotter and draws more power. So im thinking almost as good with lower power and better at other stuff if i decide to get creative. Still watching the bios updates to see who does what. IF anyone is interested now found here https://www.gigabyte.com/uk/Motherbo...upport-dl-bios

NeverBackDown 12-07-19 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by Wraith (Post 1008487)
Still damn impressive considering it peaked at 9.76w on natural air flow with 1x NVMe, 2x SATA loads, drives running CrystalDisk and 1x GPU being tortured with Furmark.

Really? Wow.. Then why all the fuss about the chipset before launch and stuff?

Bartacus 12-07-19 11:35 PM

I just booted up the Gigabyte Master, chipset fan makes noise. Bad noise. Poop.

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