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jay-uk 06-04-18 10:05 PM

pc randomly freezes
Hi wonder if anyone can help,

i have a Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon board,
I7-6700k, 8gb of corsair ram, a cx 600 corsair psu,
samsung ssd for windows and a wd Blue hard drive for everything else

recently it seems to randomly freeze for a few seconds at a time
i could be doing anything including just browsing and it will freeze briefly.
i recently update the bios and was wondering if that could be the problem,
or something else is causing it. any help would be great


AlienALX 06-04-18 10:14 PM

I am getting this too, and I have not updated my bios. I suspect it may be something to do with the new patches for Meltdown and Spectre.

I would run a memory test and a few stress tests though.

jay-uk 06-04-18 10:34 PM

Thanks for the fast reply. any particular programs you think i should use to test, Have microsoft said anything they are doing to help this issue if it is the cause, Also what have you done about your issue ?

AlienALX 06-04-18 11:06 PM

Run a memtest (it will require a reboot IIRC). Asus Realbench is a good stress test :)

shambles1980 24-05-18 09:09 PM

narrowed down a similar issue on a system to a wireless adapter. offline and online games and even emulators would stop and stutter every 10mins or so (not really that predictable.) Happened online and offline. used a system latency checker app to monitor the system and proceeded to work on each of the the reported issues as they popped up until i realized it was the wireless adapter, and the poor things bing reported as having high latency were being blamed just because they took a long time to respond but they only took ages to respond due to a faulty wireless usb adapter causing the system to stutter.

RobCharles1981 06-08-19 11:10 PM

MSI B450 Gaming Mobo Fault?
Hi all Specs bellow

AMD Ryzen 2600
16gig DDR4 Memory
Corsair H60

Corsiar 750watt PSU
R930 Graphics
MSI B450 Gaming Motherboard
2 SSD's
3 HDD's
Creative Z Sound Card

Had the new parts CPU, Mobo And Ram

Since March this year from Novatech, but it's recently causing some strange problems!

Basically if I've finished coming out from playing a game like for example GTA5 the System Performance is really slow! Like if I'm on Youtube the Audio/Video gets very choppy, I then hae to reboot which is slow in doing so.

The Boot times with my SSD's should take seconds, I have to literally wait for almost a minuite to get to my desktop! Then one of my HDD's vanaishes from my Computer! I re-cecked the cables and powered on boots normally and the drive is back online most strange.

I have the latest Bios installed too and all the drivers are upto date.

Has anyone experienced this sort of problem?


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