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AlienALX 24-10-20 01:18 PM

Big Chungus Trololololo
So due to my upgrade recently I had a load of parts left over. Given they don't all work perfectly (or in the case of the PSU are missing cables) I wouldn't sell them. It was decided a couple of weeks back that we (my friends and I) would use the parts to build a gaming server for us to grab copies of games from and play.

The board is pretty revolting tbh.


The guy who will be housing the rig and hosting the server is called Gary, and Gary hates anything flashy, RGB and so on. So, I decided to do the ultimate troll.


We were crying with laughter over that last night. The idea is to fill it with LEDs and make it as absolutely obnoxious as possible.

It will be getting the board, 8gb (for now) RAM that someone donated to us, as well as a 550w Cougar PSU and an old Quadro. I will probably mod it a bit and add in ALL THE FANS ! because I have some left over. For cooling I will use the H80i V2 from the Alienware.

I only paid 45 inc for the case. Apparently it is brand new, but one of the rivets on the back is buckled so the PSU doesn't go in properly. It will probably take me about twenty seconds to fix, given I have a rivet gun etc. I will likely mod it too, and put our squad graphics on it.

But yeah, expect the worst. That's the goal :D

WYP 24-10-20 01:23 PM

This builds gonna be something. I'm just not sure what...

looz 24-10-20 01:48 PM

Cougar PSU... So not only flashy lights, but smoke effects as well! What an innovation.

AlienALX 24-10-20 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by WYP (Post 1028480)
This builds gonna be something. I'm just not sure what...

An eye burner lol.

Looz. It's an old one (Commander) and ran the green Alienware for about two years. Good PSU tbh. It won't have to work very hard. The CPU only pulls about 120w max.

Bartacus 24-10-20 02:32 PM

LOL, I'm totally in love with the concept, can't wait to see what you do with it, hahhahaha!

EDIT: and also as a Fallout fan, the fact that your mates name is Gary is the cherry on top. :D

AlienALX 24-10-20 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Bartacus (Post 1028484)
LOL, I'm totally in love with the concept, can't wait to see what you do with it, hahhahaha!

EDIT: and also as a Fallout fan, the fact that your mates name is Gary is the cherry on top. :D

Gaaary? lol. I loved that vault :D

Yeah we were crying with laughter last night. We said that because of all of the RGB and lights etc that over winter the kids will have to crowd around it and warm themselves on the lights, rubbing their hands lmao.

I will be using some etch vinyl I have to put our squad name and user names on etc. I may even get some chrome vinyl and put two enormous GODLIKE decals on it.

I couldn't believe it when it came up tbh. It's absolutely the perfect case for that horrific mobo lmao. A match made in hell.

AlienALX 24-10-20 03:55 PM

OK been cleaning.


Not a bad start :D

AlienALX 21-11-20 03:53 PM

A month. An entire month has gone by *sigh*.

So the guy who I bought it from (the case) was sick when I bought it. I said to him not to rush. I then came home for what I thought would be 2 weeks. It's turned into 4.

Maybe I shouldn't have been *that* laid back, but whatever. IDK if I mentioned it but my mother had a really bad fall 6 weeks ago and broke her leg. Badly. She has osteoporosis and terrible arthritis in her shoulder and back. Any way, the cast needs to be on for 3 months. Because of her bone density and etc. It's been a total nightmare. They took the cast off of her yesterday and fitted a brace, but it's really no better. She still can't weight bear until Feb.

So yeah I came home and then just kinda got stuck here. Not complaining, have been pretty chilled.

So yeah, maybe at some time next week I can start modding the case and so on. Would make a change.

We do need a gaming server ASAP though. We keep getting Claymore campers in COD 4 and it's caused many rage quits.

AlienALX 25-11-20 01:55 PM

Big Chungus is here...


Big Chungus is big. Very big. *Morgan Freeman* "And it was that moment" yeah yeah.


It comes in two parts, the base is separate.


A size 10 for scale.


Obviously for 45 the case did have two issues. Firstly there is no headphone wires for the front (who gives a toss) and secondly it wasn't built properly and they had not riveted in one side of the PSU "holder" thing. It was bent and flopping around. There were already some of these scratches, but I did add some myself. TBH? I may not even bother touching them up as you will never see them once the base is on and the PSU is in. If you do? I will touch them up with some satin black. I ended up using my 90' drill attachment so I could get in, and instead of doing two small rivets I did one big bugger off one.


Trust me when I say, that's never moving anywhere again lol.

AlienALX 25-11-20 03:40 PM

Somehow I don't think this should ever overheat.




AlienALX 25-11-20 04:21 PM

Doh what a friggin dumbass. I fitted the cooler in the wrong way around. Have fixed that. Started cloth taping as I have no cable ties, realised it actually looks quite good. Then I thought "Hey I can unscrew that bracket like thing and hide the joins behind there" then I realised it was riveted in.


Seriously I have never, ever seen such weird design decisions in my entire life. There is the weirdest thing ever going on with the front alu behind the glass. I will get a pic of it when I take the glass off next. I'm starting to think this was a prototype tbh. I won't go into why I know that, but let's just say the guy I got it off would have access to such things.... Oh, and the PSU cables won't reach as I suspected. Not bothered though, these cost me 11. 24 and 8 EPS. I already have molex in red etc and a 6 pin PCIE.



AlienALX 25-11-20 05:44 PM

Holy Mary, mother of god.


One thing is for sure. I won't be needing a Christmas tree this year.


What I am happy about the most is how both of the remotes work with both of the RGB controllers. Meaning I have two, and only need to use one (so one spare).

tgrech 25-11-20 05:56 PM

A true work of art

AlienALX 25-11-20 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by tgrech (Post 1029765)
A true work of art

Yup. Probably the best thing a blind man has ever created !

scubasteve 25-11-20 06:59 PM

hahah were you sitting on your stoop waiting for it https://i.imgur.com/yThyBcC.gif

did not waste not time tho huh no idle hands , brill looks good dude well done

is it me or is it not as silent as i myself would like it to be from what i gathered from the clip you threw up ? https://i.imgur.com/PZ9EbmY.gif

AlienALX 25-11-20 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by scubasteve (Post 1029768)
hahah were you sitting on your stoop waiting for it https://i.imgur.com/yThyBcC.gif

did not waste not time tho huh no idle hands , brill looks good dude well done

is it me or is it not as silent as i myself would like it to be from what i gathered from the clip you threw up ? https://i.imgur.com/PZ9EbmY.gif

The background noise is road noise. The house is double glazed, but some tit who lived here before left the window open in a gale, and it basically bent the frame. So you hear everything in here, and it was rush hour when I shot it FFS. It's especially wonderful when the idiot across the street starts up his offensively loud motorbike, then leaves it on his driveway "warming up" for about 30 minutes. Woke me up this morning, wearing ear plugs *rant*

Yeah I don't have time to delay tbh. We're getting so annoyed with claymore campers that my usually very calm squad have actually rage quit a couple of times. We need our own server for game night (weds). Too many cheaters and aimbots on those Russian servers tbh.

We have also realised that lots of the games we play will benefit from our own server too. Insurgency is a good game, yet we keep getting "Oops sorry" friendly fire from our friends across the pond. We also play Left 4 Dead 1&2 now, COD MW (COD 4) and etc. Loads of them allow private servers or, you can hack them to run on private servers (like COD 4).

It's funny because at 46 I had never played an online game VS any other players before in my life. Yet now I can't get enough. You can teach an old dog new tricks it seems.

AlienALX 26-11-20 05:12 PM

Update. I am currently clearing out piles of old wires and crap pulled from the PCs I have been stripping this year. So I am doing a big clear out, whilst doing this too. Earlier I fitted the PSU and wired up the USB 3 & C and the board headers.

I also fitted in the PSU.


Some more wiring etc.


The GPU got a custom back plate also. I need to do something about the edges of the card, as that green is honking. I also need to finish the edges but the most important thing of all is it fits really well.


The AIO has been driving me bloody nuts so I tied it up out of the way.


AlienALX 26-11-20 08:02 PM

Spent three hours doing this.


Only to find I can't spell my own user name.


Am going to leave it, to remind myself not to be a spaz.

AlienALX 30-11-20 03:31 PM

Cables are here. I was just hoping to reach the board. Seems Phanteks are trying to reach the moon.


AlienALX 30-11-20 04:11 PM

That should be everything connected up for now. Not bad given all I had was some cloth tape.



AlienALX 30-11-20 04:58 PM

Whilst digging around when I got here I found an old sheet of glitter red acrylic. God knows how long I have even had this. I don't even know what I bought it for, and a piece was missing so it must have been years ago.


Drives looked a bit crap, so that looks a little better.

AlienALX 30-11-20 06:06 PM

I mentioned an oddity with the case a couple of pages back. I promised to take pics.


Designer at Kolink, after the case had been made.. "Oh s**t, it's totally wrong and doesn't line up !"
Engineer at Kolink "Hold my beer and give me my hammer !"


Did this too.


looz 30-11-20 07:06 PM

Is it bad if I'm starting to like it?

AlienALX 30-11-20 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by looz (Post 1029857)
Is it bad if I'm starting to like it?

No, no it's not. TBH? pretty much every one I have showed it to feels that way. Funny really isn't it? I guess you can polish a turd !

looz 30-11-20 07:11 PM

When it's lit up with red LEDs, it could pass as a sponsored build for DOOM Eternal. :lol:

AlienALX 30-11-20 07:26 PM

It's really weird how things work out tbh. It will be going in my kitchen, as Gary measured it up and he doesn't have the space for it.


I mean, it won't be "in in" the kitchen but it will sorta thing. I have two chairs in there I have never used in 9 years.


And as you can see instead of sitting on them I usually just put crap on them and then get too lazy to put it away. So I am going to get rid of them, and put it next to my gaming desktop.

It's just mad though how I have managed to scavenge all of these parts and stuff that all match perfectly without spending hardly anything. I think right now other than the used parts I have spent 45 on the case and 11 on those two cables that came today.

Even the storage. Like, the other day it dawned on me you can only put two 2.5" drives in this. One for the boot drive and one for storage. I had two SSDs but didn't want to put both in. So I kinda figured I would have to buy something to store the server files on. Then I went downstairs to pull my Dremel out the other day when cutting the back plate. I keep it in this old hemp bag my mother got from Tesco or something. I noted there was a hard drive in there. Couldn't remember where it came from, and figured it would be dead given I had lobbed it in a dirty old bag with my dusty Dremel.


Worked fine. I finally realised after about four hours that it was from my ex wife's external drive. I put a 250gb SSD in it for her to speed it up.

But yeah, all of this stuff would have gone in the bin. The board has that odd RAM issue and I broke the USB 3.1 internal header (still has a 3.0), the cooler sometimes sounds like a coffee machine (but works fine and doesn't leak) the PSU has half the cables missing or butchered for other projects and so on. This has been a great way to use it all and save it from the landfill.

AlienALX 30-11-20 09:44 PM

When you troll hard and end up getting trolled yourself.

I hated those DS logos on the fans. Decided to draw some up in red. Only my printer is running out of ink and this is what I got.


Pink with light pink stripes lol. They were too good to throw away :D

AlienALX 21-12-20 03:48 PM

Big Chunguuuuuuus, Big Bad Chungus.






Apologies for the water mark. I forgot I had reset my phone recently.

Bartacus 21-12-20 10:35 PM

That is indeed a very big chungus!

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