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WYP 17-03-21 06:02 PM

Intel Unleashed - CEO Pat Gelsinger to discuss Intel's future next week
It's the start of a "new era of innovation and technology leadership at Intel"


Read more about Intel's planned "unleashed" stream.

A7ibaba 17-03-21 09:44 PM

New era just begun. Spitting on apple because they abandoned intel cpu and in the future they preparing same advertising for AMD. If you cant beat them, then spit on them.Always work.

Pat Gelsinger

Tom Sunday 17-03-21 11:15 PM

The big deal will be Thursday, April 22, 2021 and Intel's first quarter 2021 earnings call. In attendence will be Intel's largest institutional investors and with much less marketing talk. In any earnings calls money talks and bull walks. On the agenda instant Rocket Lake availability and as produced in Intel's own foundries and not subcontracted overseas like all AMD chipsets. Then the Alder Lake discussion "called the new deal" arriving later this year. As such Intel and it's motherboard supporters get to double-dip in profits this year. Esentially a two generation party all within 7-months of each other. I in turn will parley the easy 2020 windfall made with AMD stock into Intel and NVIDIA as much bigger things are happening for both companies. And Wall Street as we know has no memory of former darlings like AMD and with their stock now going into the wrong direction. We live in interesting times.

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