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tinytomlogan 11-12-20 01:25 PM

PCSpecialist Topaz Elite System Review

PCSpecialist are famous for their ability to let you customise your system, and we've got their latest model and two GPUs to try out.

PCSpecialist Topaz Elite System Review

Tom Sunday 28-01-21 10:49 PM

Topaz Elite Beef's
For the price set at almost US$2,000 I thought that the 'Topaz Elite' for this kind of money was a rather typical product and what 'ready build shops' usually produce. No new WOW here! To be sure an overwhelming amount of spectators or readers here are DIY enthusiasts and any featured 'pre-builds' should be made as appetizing as possible, in both prize and extra carefully choosen hardware. And thus possibly attracting a bevy of educated buyers from this platform. Extra carefully chosen hardware by the Elite crew was apparently missed or covered up trying to wringing-out more profit.

My beefs and where the Topaz crew skimped on the Elite: A AIO was absolutely mandatory to be specified, the MasterBox case is cheap looking and does not compliment the associated GPU'S offered, today a 1TB HDD is much too small for gaming (Steam library) storage. Hello this is 2021. For US$2,000 a far better selection of hardware would have been possible...even with a small profit included. Enough said.

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