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stevehat1 18-06-19 08:42 PM

Core 22 Available on Beta
Got Core 22 WUs running on both 1080s with client type set to beta. Both cards are doing just a tick under 1.1 mil. PPD. :D

GPU load at around 98%, and TDP at around 105%. Had to back down on OC by about 10%.

Anyone else getting these?

SOA_RRU 19-06-19 09:45 AM

Been maxing out my 1080 and 1070 on the Beta for a month or so now hence my elevated points but looked at my rigs before work this morning and i'm now stuck on some slow ass 14163's :(

hmmblah 19-06-19 02:12 PM

I think the client type on my 1080 is set to advanced. I'll have to change it tonight.

stevehat1 19-06-19 08:30 PM

WUs have dried up for now. seems as if someone was hoarding WUs. Info available at folding forums in the beta section.

stevehat1 29-06-19 09:20 PM

The Core 22 WUs are back again:D

riotcity76 15-07-19 12:46 PM

Thanks for the heads up, I am now getting 1.5 mil ppd on my 1080Ti on a p11733 :D

SOA_RRU 08-08-19 03:18 PM

Where's all the 22's gone :(:(:(

riotcity76 12-08-19 02:17 AM


Originally Posted by SOA_RRU (Post 1009614)
Where's all the 22's gone :(:(:(

I folded them all B)

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