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Leemundo 14-01-20 11:46 AM

MSI gaming edge 12pin power connectors
Hi all.

In regards to the 8+4 pin power on a lot of modern motherboards, are these both needed to be powered or can you use just the 8 pin? Reason I ask is that I'm about to pair this board with a 3700x (upgrading from a 7 year old system). My current Corsair cx650w PSU only has the 8pin.

If so I'll still consider upgrading it but at least I can do it at a later date when funds are more freely available.

Thanks in advance, the help us much appreciated. (Looking to purchase tonight).... 😬

Dark NighT 14-01-20 12:10 PM

No need to worry here at all, the 3700x is quite power efficient and even with LN2 overclocking that thing to its absolute max, it will not draw enough power to max out a single 8 pin connector.

Just plug in the 8 pin only, you will be totally fine. as for upgrading to a 12 or 16 core, only if you overclock, then maybe the extra 4 pin can bring some more stability for daily use, otherwise the 8 pin is still fine for stock use.

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