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Dawelio 28-02-21 11:45 PM

Which thickness on a mousepad?
Hello everyone,

A little random question here, but has anyone actually used an 2mm thick mouspad over an 3 mm thick one?

I'm currently in the search for one in a specific measurement and have found one, although the 2mm is about $7 cheaper than the 3 mm one. Which is a bit odd and a rather big price difference.

I've used Glorious mousepad for the past years, which is 3 mm, but it's too small and the largest one is too big for my needs.

Although I'm wondering if a 2 mm is better in any way? Anyone in here that has any thoughts on this?


KalEl 27-05-21 11:22 AM

one mo

looz 27-05-21 06:49 PM

As long as your table is perfectly flat, it's pure preference. I quite like QCK Heavy, which is 4mm. Thinner isn't necessarily better or worse, but a thicker pad generally has slightly more give to it.

scubasteve 28-05-21 08:00 PM

i do like them a bit thicker i did try one of them super hard thin ones razer sphex v2
and it was crap the tracking seems ok but the clicking was atrocious

needs a bit of cushion for da pushin as they say

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