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js753 28-11-18 03:57 PM

New to OC3D
Js753 here, just want to introduce myself. 73 year old guy, been building computers since the early 90's. Not a tech, but learned everything by reading, going on communities like this, and just trial and error..
Now I can put together a system fairly shortly, find it easy. just the software
is a pain.
If anyone would please answer a question for me. I now have Windows 7 pro, love it, it is fast and easy.
However with all the new games coming out, they all need windows 10 and I am going to build a new system with the i9-9900k and a ASUS extreme mb with my EVGA 1080ti card.

Question, I worked on windows 10 for my older son. I really like the speed on boot up, but it seems tedious to do so many other things, I will probably make an attempt to get it to look a little like windows 7
If anyone uses windows 10 would you please let me know if you really like it and what you did to make it work for you??
Thanks for your time
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all,

AlienALX 28-11-18 04:07 PM

Welcome aboard mate.

You're the same age as my mum :)

looz 28-11-18 04:36 PM

Hello and welcome!

I don't mind Windows 10 out of the box personally after removing the apps I don't use, but ClassicShell can make it more WIndows 7-like.

RobM 28-11-18 07:50 PM

welcome aboard and yay im not the oldest anymore :D :D

As for Windows 10, I use mostly when gaming else im on Linux it is fast to set up and you can delete most of the bloat and turn off things that aint needed to make win 10 better but most major updates will reset it

Excalabur50 28-11-18 09:24 PM

G'day Welcome to the OC3D Family

tinytomlogan 29-11-18 11:59 AM

Welcome aboard dudio :)

WYP 29-11-18 12:08 PM

Welcome to the forums.

In the early days of Windows 10, Classic Shell was a popular tool for gettings Windows 10 to look more like Windows 7.

Sadly this tool isn't in active development anymore, so I am unsure whether or not it still works on the latest version of Windows 10, but it should be worth a try.

WillSK 29-11-18 03:12 PM

Welcome mate! With regard to windows 10, It's definitely a great OS and I actually prefer it to 7 now but yes takes some getting used to in my opinion.

FTLN 30-11-18 04:31 AM

Hello, welcome to the forum, with regards to windows 10 if you can tinker a little try and get yourself a Windows 10 LTSC 2019 (1809) ISO, its a version of windows 10 for enterprise but missing the store and all of the other junk they have clogged windows 10 up with. WIth start10 or classic shell you can get an almost identical experience to windows 7 but with ther performance of windows 10.

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