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tinytomlogan 19-05-17 02:46 PM

RGB - Ryzen Gaming Build
When you RGB all of the AMD things.....

Tolemac 19-05-17 03:55 PM

You need an OC3D "Flashy Lights Award" :p

RyzenMaster 19-05-17 06:03 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Just Finished my Ryzen/RGB build. This video is a good reference for tweaking it further. Thanks TTL!


tinytomlogan 19-05-17 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by RyzenMaster (Post 947210)
Just Finished my Ryzen/RGB build. This video is a good reference for tweaking it further. Thanks TTL!


Full rig gallery required! (look for the sub forum)

RyzenMaster 19-05-17 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by tinytomlogan (Post 947212)
Full rig gallery required! (look for the sub forum)

My apologies. I submitted a Full rig gallery in the specified sub forum.

Celt 19-05-17 10:54 PM

Warning about G.Skill RGB Memory
People should be made aware that there are major issues with the G.Skill RGB memory modules and both Aura and G.Skill software. The SPD's on the memory can and frequently do become corrupted. The bios plays hell trying to deal with the corrupted SPD's, and major booting / stability problems result.

This is well documented, and at this point, has no fix by either G.Skill or Asus. The only alternatives are to RMA / return the memory sticks, or use Thaiphoon Burner to re-write your SPD's.

I had this occur, and it was thanks to the great help from the authors of HWiNFO64 and Thaiphoon Burner that the problem was diagnosed. Voodoo Jungle summated the issue this way over at the "G.SKILL DDR4 RGB Lighting with Trident Z Series Thread" on overclock.net:

"The RGB series is a big fail for G.SKILL. The idea to control LED lightning via writes to SPD EEPROM is poor itself. Besides, it is extremely dangerous! The only purpose of SPD EEPROM is to store SPD data (timings, frequencies, technical module parameters, etc). Even the final version of G.SKILL software will cannot help resolve issues with SPD corrupting."

red-ray - the author of SIV64X in the "ROG Crosshair VI overclocking thread" at the same forum, points out that the issue is exacerbated by Asus / G.Skill 's failure to use the Global\Access_SMBUS.HTP.Method named mutex to interlock SMBus access in their software.

"I can confirm the issues are all down to ASUS not using the locks. In my testing of SIV as soon as ASUS Aura is started SMBus retries are reported and this never happens when such as AIDA64 or HWiNFO are also active."

So there is a fundamental hardware design problem, compounded by poorly coded software. I like both Asus and G.Skill in general, but this is a big problem that has borked many users.

Asus staff has said they are working on it, but no solution is firm yet. In the mean time, the use of either manufacturer's software with G.Skill RGB memory is putting your modules at risk.

Personally, I returned the RGB modules, for sticks with the same Samsung B-die chips, and rating in a no RGB kit. It solved the problems I was having.

Excalabur50 20-05-17 12:47 AM

That rig looks proper nice and I like the way you were able to roll many reviews into one

Celt 20-05-17 10:26 PM

I had started a thread on the G.Skill forum on the SPD corruption problem. The G.Skill Tech admin there responded:

"We are aware of the issue and of course working on a solution. It is not solely Trident Z RGB software or ASUS Aura software that causes it so there are many other factors involved that we are looking into. Rest assured our goal is always to make sure the product is as good as it can be, and most importantly, the product is working flawlessly in your system. We read every post so we appreciate your feedback and patience as we resolve problems as soon as possible."

Others are posting their issues there as well:


DavidFrederickWatson 04-01-18 11:49 PM

Hey , enjoying the forum
whats the cpu/gpu in this nice build ? thanks

viper96 21-01-18 08:31 PM

This vid has helped me change my mind on my next case. The plasticard is definately something i will be putting to use.

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