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Srnewbee 27-04-18 04:27 AM

Need help! CPU cooler for Zotac z77-itx
So I am trying to OC my 3770k and I have a crappy zotac z77-itx, a relic from the past. Annoyingly, this mobo is super restrictive in space, so not many CPU heatsinks can fit on this motherboard. To illustrate, according to Noctua's compatibility page, only the NH-L9i fits among their handful of products. However, I find the NH-L9i to be a bit too small for my taste. I have a hunch that it won't be able to cool down an OCed 3770k at 4.4~4.7. As far as I know, an OCed 3770k at 4.4+ runs quite hot so I do need a decent sized CPU cooler. I do not want to spend more than $50 on this so AIO closed loops are outta the question. Any recommendation is greatly appreciated!

On a side note, do I need to buy new sticks of ram to OC 3770k?

My rig.

CPU: i7 3770k
Ram: 2x4 gig Samsung Generic crap ddr3 ram 1333 (obviosly no heat spreaders)
GPU: 1060gtx 6G
Case: Bit Fenix Prodigy

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Wraith 27-04-18 03:20 PM

Are we talking $ US or Aus?

$50 should see you pretty well to be honest.

Start looking at the old king of Air cooling the Cooler Master Evo 212, I still have mine for emergencies and it cools great on my OC'd 4790K.

If the Evo 212 isn't to your liking there are so many more you can chose from. See Toms Epic Air cooler test.



Be warned though it's a whopper of a test review.

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