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Glorf 25-03-17 08:37 PM

NZXT Kraken X52 Damp Box
Hey guys,

I ordered a Kraken X52 and was ready to build, but when I opened it the cardboard holding the cooler (not the outside box) and the manual felt damp. When the cooler arrived in the mail, there was no visible damage to the box and the cellophane wrap was intact. This is my first NZXT, but I had a Corsair AIO and I don't remember any dampness of the contents.

Any insight is greatly appreciated. I've put my build on hold until this is answered.


Excalabur50 26-03-17 12:09 AM

Sounds like it may have had a leak which you may not be able to see just contact either your wholesaler or NZXT for a replacement as it's not worth the risk if the unit is damaged

Glorf 26-03-17 12:47 AM

Thanks. I was thinking it was something like this, but I wanted to be sure before initiating contact with the seller. I've opened a ticket with NZXT and am going to contact the seller once I hear back from them.

I'll be sure to report their thoughts once I get a response.

AlienALX 26-03-17 12:56 AM

Yeah FFS don't use it.

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