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TonyTBR 01-02-13 10:10 PM

Current Gaming Setup 2013
Just got the keyboard today to finish off the peripherals!!





Full Desk:

This is only a temporary thing until i finish my new build and i get a new desk, so what are peoples opinions. And just to let people know Monitor: BenQ XL2411T, Mouse: R.A.T. 7, Mouse Pad: QcK +, Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition, Headset: Astro A40 2013.

Thanks!! :)

Update: Here are some pictures of the full setup, just waiting on my new case(r4).

Here's my console setup, i'm a sucker for my xbox and limited edition games! :D

And here is what the whole thing looks like!! My little slice of heaven. <3
Still waiting on a few things but i'm nearly their!!! :D

yassarikhan786 01-02-13 10:16 PM

That is a nice setup you have there

TonyTBR 02-02-13 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by yassarikhan786 (Post 610863)
That is a nice setup you have there

Thanks man! :)

yassarikhan786 02-02-13 06:52 PM

What are your rig specs, if you don't mind divulging that info? :p

Gamepro105 02-02-13 06:57 PM

I love the cyborg rats! lovely set up, whats the spec?

TonyTBR 02-02-13 07:25 PM

Yer i love my RAT!! And my rig that i'm building at the moment just waiting for some more parts:
Case: Antec DR-10, using it as an interim until i can get a 650D or R4
Mobo: Msi Z77 Mpower
Cpu: i5 3750k
Cooler: H100i
RAM: Vengeance LP
GPU: GTX 670, Waiting for sufficient Funds
PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 550W, i won it at gadget show and it was served me well so far!
SSD: Samsung 840 pro, again waiting till i get some money!
HDD: WD 2Tb Green, Currently on the way

ACal 07-02-13 03:33 PM

Nice setup and I love that mouse. Too bad Astros left me what a terrible taste in my mouth. Absolute terrible support.. Mic didn't work right out of the box and it took 2 months to get a reply for a replacement. Then it took a week to get a new mic and the mic still cuts in and out. I'd expect better quality for a $250 headset.

Dicehunter 10-02-13 11:44 PM

Which Razer keyboard is that ?, its tiny.

FlangeBBK 11-02-13 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by Dicehunter (Post 614081)
Which Razer keyboard is that ?, its tiny.

Read the Thread, it says clearly at the bottom Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition

Dicehunter 11-02-13 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by FlangeBBK (Post 614385)
Read the Thread, it says clearly at the bottom Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition

Very sorry madam.

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