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chrisjones 02-04-20 01:11 PM

Anyone know if COVID-19 is being processed on the GPU or the CPU?
Does anyone know if COVID-19 is being processed on the GPU or the CPU?

My rig is running GPU only right now, but the 2080 Super seems to get on pretty well.. generally averaging ∼105,000 points per WU and chomps through them in around an hour and a half if anyone was curious.

It does seem to have an issue being assigned Work Units, but I'm not sure if that's universal right now with how many people are folding now!

Just wondering if I need to put CPU back on (at idle) as I use the computer day to day and will occasionally disable the GPU so I can play a game or two.

Avet 02-04-20 01:17 PM


There are some WUs that are designed for CPU-based folding. And yes WUs are a bit scarce atm so it is completely normal not to have anything assigned.

chrisjones 03-04-20 10:50 AM

Thanks for the quick reply Avet! Great article there, exactly what I needed.

I've enabled the CPU again, guess I'll just have to use the laptop as the daily for the moment!

stevehat1 05-04-20 02:13 AM

I enabled CPU folding in conjunction with GPU folding. I had forgotten how much more efficient GPU folding was. The total PPD with both enabled was less than just the GPU my itself. The heat output was noticeably higher with both enabled and fewer points which relate to the amount of science contributed. This made it a lose lose situation with fewer points/science contributed and more electricity consumed:(

For the time being I'm going to let the close to 600,000 currently contributing CPUs carry on the CPU effort and I'll stick with GPU folding.

hmmblah 05-04-20 04:47 PM

steve, when you enabled CPU folding did you allow it to use all cores? I allowed it to use all cores but 2 so there would still be a couple cores for the GPU client.

stevehat1 05-04-20 11:10 PM

Tried it both ways, default and then 10 cores CPU with 2 cores GPU. It didn't seem to make much difference which way I tried. Total PPD was less noticeably less with CPU folding enabled.

So nothing appears to have changed, it was the same thing a few years ago.

trawetSluaP 06-04-20 07:49 AM

Considering my CPU uses more power than my GPU and offers maybe 10% of the same efficiency for Folding I decided to give it a miss.

Anyone else noticing their points are being given in chunks and not at the right time?

chrisjones 10-04-20 11:37 AM

Yeah I've noticed it take almost 12 hours to update sometimes for me

I'm still running GPU only for the moment, tried adding the CPU back into the mix but the 9700K kicked out a lot of heat so that's a no go with this outside temperature in the UK at the moment, added with my room being south facing..

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