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JN 22-06-06 08:33 AM

Silverstone release slimline case
Silverstone have released a very slim case which should fit just about anywhere..

Check out the news on the Homepage

PV5150 22-06-06 08:52 AM

Man, that's a sweet looking little unit. I love the brushed metal finish, and due to it's size it's sooo unimposing. I'm really starting to enjoy looking at Silverstone gear as a viable alternative. Initially I considered them cheap and unattractive; this and some of their later gear has just changed all that. Grats to Silverstone

JN 22-06-06 09:09 AM

Yeah they are making some great cases. I'm not sure if you are aware, but (if i remember correctly) Silverstone was formed by some ex-employee's of Coolermaster (the same people responsible for my CM Black Widow).

PV5150 22-06-06 09:25 AM

Agreed, the cases that they are offering now are worthy to be part of any high end rig. I didn't know about Silverstone being made up of Coolermaster's ex-employees (you learn a new thing everyday); but those Black Widows cases are gorgeous. :)

WC Annihilus 22-06-06 06:20 PM

Man, I love the look of Silverstone cases... :)

llwyd 22-06-06 06:31 PM

so its a laptop without a screen? lol. damn nice looking though, always liked brushed stainless steel aswell

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