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Sythen 16-06-21 04:59 PM

Asus Maximus VII impact repair help
Evening all!

So a friend gave me a load of bits from her old rig, as I just built her a new one.

After inspecting the motherboard (name in title) I noticed that a wire wound inductor on the rear of the board has had its head knocked off.

This in itself isn't an issue for me, but id appreciate it greatly if someone could confirm the value marking on this component.

After snooping around the net, I found an image that I *think* it says 4R7.

If anyone has one of these boards kicking about, and you could snag a picture or just confirm if I'm right or wrong. I'd greatly appreciate it!


Sythen 16-06-21 05:40 PM

Just as a follow-up, I was able to find a boardview of this motherboard, and was able to confirm the value and spec of the inductor.


hmmblah 16-06-21 06:19 PM

I used to have this board, but sold it awhile back. Scoured the internet for you for close up images of the back, but so many were too low resolution to read. Finally found one though, but it looks like you found your answer lol. Can you link where you found the boardview?

A little late, but here's the picture anyway


Sythen 16-06-21 07:37 PM

Thanks for ya input! yeah, looks like it was 4R7, i ordered some replacements from RS Components.

The site was sketch AF. but here is a google drive link to the .fz file. you will need some boardview software to display it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lme...ew?usp=sharing

Sythen 19-06-21 07:05 AM

Not completely flat (hot-air station is fubar right now)

But not too bad!


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