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Dicehunter 12-06-21 04:04 AM

Smoking Sucks !
So today my 75 year old aunt was diagnosed with numerous forms of cancer, So many infact that the doctor was slightly taken back by it -

-Cervical cancer
-Breast cancer
-Lung cancer
-Tongue cancer
-Throat cancer

She started smoking when she was 40, Weird age to start, And has routinely smoked 20 cigarettes per day, 16 years ago I lost my younger aunt to emphysema directly caused by smoking, This should've been a warning to my still living aunt, Was it ? Nope, Kept inhaling that burned plant matter.

My aunts daughter, My cousin, Still smokes, She's 40, Has losing an aunt to smoking and now about to lose her mother to smoking made her wake up ? Nope not 1 iota.

In general my family is long lived, Routinely living to 95+, Minus the few victims of medical malpractice, So those in our family that smoke have willingly decided to cut 20 or more years off their lives.

I've always hated smoking, It stinks, Makes people stink, Ruins your teeth, Destroys collagen in your face which makes you age beyond your years and ultimately kills, Most of the time in horribly painful ways yet people love shortening their lives by multiple decades and dying horribly, People are so stupid.

If anyone here smokes, Please try and stop, It's not fashionable, It doesn't make you look cool and it will shorten your life by multiple decades.

Excalabur50 12-06-21 05:23 AM

I managed to quite years ago best thing I ever did and I was a heavy smoker too, I needed a poultice at the back of my neck to help me draw on them �� and it was easy to give up I did it heaps of times, but in all seriousness it was hard to give up but I found the most important thing was you really have to want to give them up or anything you do is a waste of time.
For those who do still smoke try and quit and seek medical help if you need it to help you kick the habit once and for all as Nicotine is more addictive than Heroin.

Dark NighT 12-06-21 09:12 AM

I smoked for 19 years total, when my mom lost her friend due to smoking and seeing him suffer over the years made me question my own motives and reasons, so i decided to prepare to quit, bought a white nzxt h440 so that i'd stop smoking inside so it doesnt go yellow, which led to less smoking, did that for a while and then when i was mentally ready to go, i quit cold turkey and have been clean for 5 years.

It's a horrible addiction that i regret the most of all my choices in life, losing people to it and seeing people suffer at later age is such a hard thing to see, sorry to hear about your aunt Dice.

Dawelio 12-06-21 07:28 PM

I've recieved so much negativity from colleagues before for being a healthy person, ie I don't smoke, drink at all nor do any sort of tobacco. I am truly happy for it today :)

Kaapstad 13-06-21 12:25 PM

Very sorry to hear about your Aunt.

I have been very anti smoking all my life even as a child in the early 1960s.

One thing that has always been difficult is the amount of negativity that smokers give anyone who don't agree with them.

Warchild 14-06-21 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by Kaapstad (Post 1034143)
Very sorry to hear about your Aunt.

I have been very anti smoking all my life even as a child in the early 1960s.

One thing that has always been difficult is the amount of negativity that smokers give anyone who don't agree with them.

These days that happens with literally anyone who you dont agree with.

Vegan addicts, smokers, vapers, health fanatics, people who binge on junk while sitting on the couch, trump supporters, list goes on...

We have the internet to thank for that.

AlienALX 14-06-21 07:14 PM

It's not the fault of the internet. Or the smokers, vapers, health fanatics and etc. It's the fault of people being selfish. There are ways to enjoy anything you do, without pushing it down the throats of others. But people are so "me me me me" these days that they have vanished into the dark depths of their own assholes.

It doesn't matter where you go, or what you do, there's some idiot who wants to force their opinions and views onto others.

I used to smoke. I did not enjoy it at all. I enjoyed smoking weed (well, cannabis I hated weed). I did not enjoy smoking. It made me sick, I got constant chest infections and toward the end could not even climb a set of stairs.

So why, knowing full well what it was doing to me, did I not pack it in? because nicotine is more addictive than any other drug I have taken. I can take morphine and forget all about it the next day. I have a supply of pure co codamol that is not available anywhere and I use it when I feel like it. Like, when my knees are aching so bad I can barely walk. Then I will take some, but never repeat it. And these are opioids I use at my leisure, and have never had a problem with.

Nicotine though? people know what smoking is doing to them. They can feel it, they can see it. They don't stop. Even when they are dying they carry on, that is how addictive that is. Some will be woken by a scare (family member dying or what not) but most won't. My cousin's dad died of lung cancer about 5 years back, my cousin still smokes like a train.

Me? I switched to vape. I quite enjoy it. Mostly because I can actually breathe now, and do things I could not do when I smoked heavily. However, yet again I am totally addicted to vaping and could not stop. That is how addictive nicotine is.

That said I rarely vape when I am outside unless my anxiety is bad and I will usually sit somewhere away from any one.

Right now I am trying to find that balance between everything in moderation. Eating, riding, getting the f**k out of my prison. And I have been doing well. I have had one day off from riding at least 5 miles a day in the past 10 days and that was because I pulled a calf and had the worst cramp ever :D

Let's face it PCs ain't been much fun of late. Plus I feel good. So there's that !

hmmblah 15-06-21 01:52 PM

Sorry about your aunt, Dice, that really sucks. My father was diagnosed with COPD about 2 years ago. He can't reverse it, but if he stopped smoking he might be able to slow it. Has he stopped or cut back on smoking though?....Nope. He's been smoking since he was a teenager and is in his mid 60s now. My wife's parents are going to be in the same boat.

What really gets me though, is the people who start smoking today. I get that nicotine is highly addictive, but knowing what smoking can do to you, why does anyone start? I guess the same could be said for any drug. For me though it's the smell and the $$$ that keeps me away from smoking.

AlienALX 15-06-21 08:39 PM

Yeah it makes me wonder tbh. Like, I see kids smoking on the beach all the time and I think "WTF? people actually smoke still?".

Excalabur50 15-06-21 09:12 PM

What gets me though is the hypocrisy of everything, over here is Australia our Government has said bad for you so we'll put the price up, but the supermarkets like Coles if I go to the express lane they will ignore you and serve people waiting for cigs and tobacco first, none of them really give a ratsarse about your health it's all about how much they can milk you for!

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