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Sileo 19-09-12 08:17 AM

BenQ XL2420T Question
I am pretty sure that the monitor does not come with glasses but it does have an emitter so I was wandering what glasses I should buy. Can I buy any NVIDIA Vision glasses or do I have to buy a specific pair? Sorry if this is a noob question I have never used a 3D screen before.

NRG! 19-09-12 11:38 AM

The xl2420t does not have an emitter.

The xl2420tx does. (Not sure if it comes with glasses)

Either way you need nvidia 3dvision/3dvision2 glasses. If you have the xl2420t then you need the separate emitter that comes bundled with glasses.

XtremePhysX 19-09-12 05:43 PM

I have the xl2420t, amazing monitor in normal mode, I never use it in 3d.
Yes, I think you have to buy both emitter and glasses.

Sileo 05-10-12 11:18 AM

Okay thanks for the info, kind of sucks that you have to buy an emitter aswell as they are pretty expensive.

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