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Ulijin 04-09-12 09:13 AM

Noooooooo!!!!! TTL is an Apple fan?
From this article:

Apple devotee Tom Logan said: It sounds kind of impractical. What if Im walking with my new iPhone in my pocket, and it suddenly changes into a raging water buffalo?
Of course Ill still buy it, whatever.

I suppose they do make white ones at least ^_^

Yeren 04-09-12 09:25 AM

I very much doubt its Tom

PEXON 04-09-12 09:38 AM

So Tom writes for the Daily Mainow eh?! ;)

yassarikhan786 04-09-12 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by Yeren (Post 555231)
I very much doubt its Tom

I think the OP is being facetious :p

seumasbeathan 04-09-12 10:26 AM

Ah that made me laugh

tinytomlogan 04-09-12 11:38 AM

LOL its proper micky take... shape shifting..... ME an apple fan.

C'mon :p

CPMFW 04-09-12 12:53 PM

nice one... had a proper laugh

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