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tinytomlogan 24-10-13 05:37 AM

AMD R9 290X Review

After reviewing the refreshed models in the updated AMD Radeon range, we finally get our hands on their latest model, the R9 290X.

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Excalabur50 24-10-13 05:44 AM

What a shame like everyone else i suppose i was really hoping this card was gonna be a beast and to be let down like a lead balloon....... sigh! Lets just hope AMD get their finger out their asses and let the 3rd party vendors loose and see if they can pick them up again so it's a least a half decent card and sooner rather than later!!

CapitanoMal 24-10-13 06:01 AM

Well Guv? Time to go get an MSI 780? Need a new card pretty badly.
Edit: or I could pull the trigger on getting one and watercooling that puppy....

kittysniper 24-10-13 06:11 AM

damn heat~
Thanks for the review, but I think its hardly fair to compare it to oc cards, it seems to compete well against stock titan and 780s, but amd really the bed on the cooler, though I cant complain seeing how much cheaper it is to titan and 780; would love to see another review when asus's direct cu II triple slot rog version come out, I bet it will give the titan oc/780 lightning a run for their money ^_^

Xrqute 24-10-13 06:19 AM

Well it'll be interesting to see what it can achieve once the 3rd party water blocks hit the market which i dare say wont be long! but at the temps its running you'd want to be running dual loop so it dosen't effect the cooling of your other components to much.

CapitanoMal 24-10-13 06:23 AM

Pretty sure the EK block is out already.

kdawgmaster 24-10-13 06:26 AM

Im just going to say toms hardware and anandtech both have their R9 290X scoring alot higher where most games it ties or even spanks and titan

Zoot 24-10-13 07:27 AM

Thanks for the review Tom.

Looks like it's exactly where it was rumored that it would end up ie. up around the GTX 780. It's priced good too, hopefully it'll force a price drop from nVidia. I wouldn't worry about the cooler either, non-reference cards from the likes of Sapphire, Asus, or MSi will take care of that.

Now the temptation kicks in... :rolleyes:

neotrix 24-10-13 07:40 AM

Sorry had to do it :-P

neotrix 24-10-13 07:52 AM

It will be interesting to see the ref coolers on there, but i (and everyone else apparently) am well let down here. I was ready to trade out my Titan for something different.

Long time FB and YT follower so thought i better come here too, being all sociable and that....

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