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Kyle 27-08-12 07:02 PM

Logitech X-540 Power Source
Hi, I want to buy these speakers (link) so I watched a few reviews and I don't know where the speakers get their power from :p. I need to know in order to make PSU purchasing decisions because the speakers are 100-Watt. Some people told me that you need an external wall adapter cable but I didn't see any in the video reviews. Sorry but I'm a noob to sound systems :p

Josh Weston 27-08-12 07:18 PM

Yeah, you'll need to plug them into the wall.

jamesriley94 27-08-12 07:18 PM

Power cable going into the sub - all the other speakers go into the sub

Kyle 27-08-12 07:24 PM

Okay well is there a way I can put it into my PSU because I live in South Africa and Amazon.com doesn't have a South African wall adapter available for these speakers

jamesriley94 27-08-12 07:25 PM

Get an adapter for South Africa to US?

006409 27-08-12 07:29 PM

um not really... your pc runs on DC and the sub takes AC. so the long and the short of it is no.

tho this is what you are looking for on amazon.com


Kyle 28-08-12 05:32 AM

Okay I'll buy the plug adapter. Thanks

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