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  1. Bang
    20-12-12 06:01 AM
    Lystfiskern is a cool name. I used to be quite an angler myself. At least youre not a kippen nuker Its one of two dutch prases I know.

    Merry Christmas mate, try not to freeze your ass off Ill be sure and throw another prawn on the Bar-be in honor of you
  2. Bang
    20-12-12 06:00 AM
    Its a matter of physics, not opinion. In practice though it might not make a single bit of difference, especially when you count in all the little holes through which air can enter or exhaust, depending on set up, if you know what I mean.

    I plan on getting the H100i as soon as funds allow after Christmas. Then I plan on doing an extensive test to prove my theory right or wrong. Right now I'm betting my negative pressure will prove a couple of degrees cooler than positive pressure, as the air heated by the motherboard wont be passing through the rad on the H100i

    On a similar note, I saw a very intersting youtube vid regarding the MSI Z77A MPower, and why MSI makes it the way they do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBGg_-1jTJg
    The whole video is pretty interesting but the specific part I'm refering to starts about 16 minutes in, so skip forward to the part where they talk about the heatsinks on the board and water cooling
  3. Bang
    20-12-12 05:59 AM
    Yes mate because after I posted it I realised it was somewhat redundant. Im still not sold on this theory of "positive pressure" in computer cases. To me it equates to stagnant air not moving in certain parts of the case, usually the corners. The way a lot of cases are made these days theres airvents all over the place, including the 5.25" drive bays and the back expansion slots.. Something I want to try when I get an H100i is negative pressure, so to speak. I want to try the H100i sucking air into the case with all other fans exhausting. Obviously bringing fresh air through the radiator would be more effective in cooling it, than venting hot air out through the rad. With positive pressure, the intake is theoretically higher than the exhaust, which means bottleneck = stagnant air. With negative pressure and only the fans on the H100i as the only intake (fresh, cool air) the exhaust fans would theoretically force more fresh intake than the H100i would normally generate.
  4. Lystfiskern
    19-12-12 07:52 PM
    Hi Bang - Did u remove your comment in my "First ever build-need advice" thread? Its not there, but got the e-mail notification. Anyhooooooo - H100i will be mounted with stock fans. Sorry i i misled anyone to believe i was going to mount SP120Q on them. Last changes was to reduce back exhaust to AF120Q to ensure positive pressure beneath the H100 as i felt i had to reduce bottom intake fan to 120mm (tight squeeze with the PSU)
    Set up now is dual AF140Q in the front, AF120Q in the bottom for intake and AF120Q in the back and stock fans with the H100i for exhaust. I know its overkill, just had to fill it up :-) Thanks for the response and have a marry christmas down under. Best regards from "Lystfiskern" (which sort of translates to "The pleasure angler" btw)

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