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  1. remember300
    27-12-14 10:55 PM
    Yeah most definately
    Looking forward to it, to have my own work space to do builds and mods
    water cooling here i come!

    but after a car lol .,...
  2. Tripp
    27-12-14 10:48 PM
    Sweet man.

    An fair enough mate, 9n to bigger an better things eh
  3. remember300
    27-12-14 10:25 PM
    I will keep everyone posted once i get the prototypes made up.
    And i just got a new job as an energy consultant, monies pretty good leaving maplin this year.
    But car 1st then house then projects.
  4. Tripp
    27-12-14 10:13 PM
    Wow man keep me posted on that, it sounds cool as haha. A few years ago I almost make a hovercraft with my dad, but money at the time was really tight so it never came to fruition. What do ypu as fella if ya don't mind me asking
  5. remember300
    27-12-14 10:10 PM
    Just lots of small pipes with actuators. etc ... will be working on it harder and harder with the new job
  6. Tripp
    27-12-14 07:06 PM
    Really how have you managed that one, I used to live guns am wing haha
  7. remember300
    27-12-14 06:59 PM
    Sadly 90% of the world think anime is what us nerdy guys like and its porno stuff (hentai), 5% just see it as babyish like cartoons and the small amount of us left are the only ones who'd care.

    I dunno if you would find it cool but i was and still am working on a large exosuit design and i have semi worked out some of the hydraulic lines so Gundam machines could work.
  8. Tripp
    27-12-14 06:56 PM
    Haha if they mention goku they haven't seen enough anime, there's a prequel to the GITS series too that was pretty good. I have seen the appleseed movies but to nothing more than that, other than a mange I own of it
  9. remember300
    27-12-14 06:51 PM
    If they did around 60 eps like deathnote was then they would have got lots more in, i have pretty much all the GITS 1st and 2nd gig plus the dvds where they put all the laughing man case onto one set.

    the problems with Toshiro is most people will look at him and say goku never wore that and whats with the blue and white hair ... if you have to explain a tattoo sometimes it could be annoying sometimes. but then again on the plus side if it intrigues people then thats good too.

    Have you seen much apple seed?
  10. Tripp
    27-12-14 06:48 PM
    Yeah man I totally get what you mean, sometimes they sting the story's out far too long. A toshiro tat is a pretty cool idea, I was reading black but I haven't read it in about 2-3 months now

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