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  1. kully1972
    21-05-14 05:35 AM
    Thats good 2 hear that uve pinpointed the cause at long last!.
    My biggest worry was it wasn`t getting solved.
    A shame the mobo had to be replaced- well enjoy your build- God knows how patient u have been!
  2. Formular VI
    20-05-14 04:56 PM
    Formular VI
    Hi I promised you an update on my long going problem with the Max. VI Formula . Well after taking everything out piece by piece and a lot of frustration, It came down to a faulty Motherboard. So I have RMA it, I have heard that it can take some time before you get a decision for ASUS.
    I don't want to wait that long,and I have every broken down on my
    Kitchen table.
    So I brought a new one and hope for a refund from the RMA.
    Just started with the new build, did first Pre Post test today, just PSU, Memory, CPU with stock fan, and one SSD. Board seems ok so far at least I could get in the BIOS.

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