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  1. paullongy326
    01-03-14 02:26 AM
    hiya bud sorry not been on for few days but yes I removed the front 2 140 fans and added af 120 x3 with the dropper on a lot quieter and very cool but saying that it wasn't loud its all very quiet and very cool set up I would defo recommend

    temps on cpu @4.3 are
    .on bf4 for 4 hours they are that's on sli on full ultra gpu temps are idle 26.top card bottom card 24 on bf4 ultra 1920x1080p are top 74 bottom 68

    that's with no profiles set up it on h100i link with the quiet set up and auto on gpu's I have used hardware monitor for temps and it sats very quiet and mine is at right side of my right ear (but I do have headphones on in game ) its very good overall

    one recommended tip don't put ssd in the caddy in rear I noticed it gets hot after few hours gaming from heat from the psu and it sits directly behind the cpu and memory all I did was remove and drop down at bottom and its all fine now
  2. TheGrov3
    19-02-14 03:32 AM
    Paul, im building something similar to your 2013 build. Is your system quiet and would you recommend doing something different after having the rig for a while now. Thanks.

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