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  1. nikkop
    25-08-13 09:20 AM

    It almost feels like I summoned you, since you turned up here a week after I wrote on your wall here, haha

    A few months in the wilderness, literally?
    Even tho it's shame you didn't like what you did before it's nice that you're satisfied with the new one!
    I'll check your log out right now!

    Hope you'll stay here for quite a while now before leaving again!

    Best regards
  2. kaney
    19-08-13 05:00 PM
    Hey Nikkop !!

    All good dude, I remember you ;-) how could I forget my Prodigy brethren

    haha Nice to be missed mate !!! I have just got back on here today with a new build 'Little Black Build with a splash of Orange'

    Done a couple of builds and was really busy at that time of the 'Orange Box' build and just wasn't feeling it, I stripped it maybe 3 times and tried to get it finished but just couldn't !!

    Soooo a few months in the wilderness has done me good, got a new Prodigy case so we go again and get back on that pony !!!

    Much happier with this and keeping things a little more simple ! (not punching above my weight' as they say

    So cheers dude I am back and glad to be so !!

    What you been upto you get that build finished ! I Will search it out and have a look !!

    Best Regards
    KANEY !
  3. nikkop
    08-08-13 10:09 PM
    Hi Kaney. Where you at? Haven't heard from you in a good while!
    /nikkop - the guy doing the Big Bro Prodigy build

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