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  1. 2Dcypher
    06-03-13 12:47 PM
    Thats good to hear, at least now Facebook has come along way from bombing the broadband with pointless blogs, the people and officials I know have endorsed the site and a few friends today, much more tomorrow
    Thanks SeekaX your a great help.
  2. SeekaX
    06-03-13 11:15 AM
    the people on this website are pretty open for everything, who knows who needs help here. idk who will like it on facebook, but definitely not me because i don't have a facebook account. just start a thread in the offtopic > serious discussion section and see.
  3. 2Dcypher
    06-03-13 10:24 AM
    Hey SeekaX, do you think I should run a post on this site to do with epilepsy support?
    I run sessions at my local community center also to sit down, chat , talk and give support to those who need it, also I started a facebook page and with a few others make it stand out:


    There are no ads and no funding yet, but do you think this websites audience will look at it and click 'like' if I make a post or thread for it on here as it is mainly for overclockers and most of all how receptive they will be towards it?

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