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  1. remember300
    26-02-15 07:19 PM
    Shame lol
    might be a bit tight.
    Still love the trimming.
  2. remember300
    14-02-15 03:35 PM
    Hey Gb, got a question i could not find the answer too. on the h110i is the tubing the same length as on the h100i as i am wondering if a little longer might be able to front mount it on my case,
  3. remember300
    28-03-14 05:01 PM
    got the link installing now lol
  4. remember300
    25-03-14 08:21 AM
    no, i have had a ups delivery thing from friday but i missed it due to work and again yesterday i don't have to be in till 1130 so im hoping to catch them today

    and thanks again, for doing all this your much better help than anyone at ASUS atm lol
    but hoping you also are getting some down time on you pc
  5. Grey_beard
    24-03-14 11:55 PM
    Hey Chris, crazy like always hehe. Anyway, sorry for the delay on your LEDs. As you know, these are no longer available and I've scavenging around here to get at least 5 LED strips. I've just gotten 5 and I got you a Commander as well. I'm working with our shipping dept to process a manual shipment for you which is a bit tricky since it's not our default process to send things out. Btw, did you ever receive the Platinum light bars yet?
  6. remember300
    24-03-14 10:44 PM
    hows the world of corsair going?
    Thanks for dispatching the bits already. im hoping to catch the ups guy tomorrow before i have to go into work
  7. remember300
    21-02-14 08:07 PM
    Its worse cos the nodes them selves say they an take a few strips more out of each channel.
    And yeah im not sure how many ill need. im using 2 in the case and 1 round behind the monitor so when i start to game using the temp readers from the gpu the blue gets dimmer the harder the gpu works.

    i do want to make an acrylic window back lit with 1 or 2 strips but i may need another node for the extra channels. but in all ill probs need about 6 or 7 eventually. its a shame as there is a lot i wanna do but dont want to void the warrenty of my parts.

    also while i have ya here do you know if its possible to get the dominator plat bars on their own i have a little mod in mind but dont want to damage my bars and be stuck with some ugly ram when they are gorgeous.

    and thanks for the reply
  8. Grey_beard
    21-02-14 05:36 PM
    Technically, yes.. but that's stupid haha, I don't even know why it was set up that way from the beginning. You need LED strips?
  9. remember300
    20-02-14 10:04 PM
    Hey Grey Beard, just a quick question, is the only way to get the led strips for lighting nodes to buy more nodes and throw the unused nodes away?

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