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  1. remember300
    27-12-14 06:44 PM
    thats true, nice to have an anime with an actual story, im kinda happy and sad that it was as short as it was, as it meant the story had less episode fillers ... bleach is annoying for that but the story could of been developed further.

    And the tat idea is cool but the laughing man logo looks cool too, if i was to get a tat it would be SAO related or Toshiro from bleach.
  2. Tripp
    27-12-14 06:41 PM
    I just love the story, an the whole philosophy of it all. I want to eventually get a tachicoma tattooed on me
  3. remember300
    27-12-14 06:38 PM
    Ahah i do agree, i like a few others but it was the first one i enjoyed non Dubbed,,, mainly cos i could read fast enough then
  4. Tripp
    26-12-14 08:05 PM
    Hahaha thanks bud glad you approve, tis hands down my favourite anime of all time
  5. remember300
    26-12-14 06:57 PM
    still love ya laughing mans dp

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