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15-05-21, 05:01 PM
Steam now has an official Playstation Studios page, hopefully means we get more PS exclusive, Keeping my fingers crossed for God of War and Spiderman :)


17-05-21, 07:47 PM
For anyone that has the RT showcase of a game, Control, You can get the expansion pass giving both expansions for a measly 6 from Humble, Offer is on for 8 days and works for Steam and Epic.


17-05-21, 09:11 PM
GOG are giving away a Witcher Pack for free for 72 hours only

20-05-21, 11:30 AM
Not exactly computer related, but it's still cool nonetheless

German company has developed an electric motor that doesn't require any magnets which also removes the need for Rare Earth Metals, of which 90% of that is supplied by China, thus reducing the need to rely on them and being better for the environment. Which EV cars still need to work on despite popular belief.

This new design is cheaper and more reliable with no moving parts since it requires induction powered coils. 95% efficiency with room for improvement as different speeds can achieve higher efficiency. Pretty neat engineering from the Germans!

20-05-21, 06:13 PM
3090 Ti accidentally leaked by Zotac ?


21-05-21, 12:19 AM
Today Epics mystery free game is NBA 2K21, Usually 50.


You also receive a 10 off coupon upon claiming the game.

22-05-21, 07:04 PM
Nvidia are killing support for Kepler cards soon in an upcoming driver.


27-05-21, 04:51 AM
Sony has unofficially announced Uncharted 4 coming to PC in an investor presentation.


01-06-21, 04:46 AM
AMD's FSR finally being released this month and it is very impressive, As a surprise they said that FSR will be compatible even with competitor cards going all the way back to the GTX 1060, Really impressive move from AMD.


01-06-21, 03:10 PM
Crysis Remastered Trilogy has officially been announced -


02-06-21, 03:33 AM

Google has released information about an advancement(originally appeared on DDR3 in 2014 but Google's Project Zero helped mitigate it in 2015) in the Rowhammer exploit they have called Half Double Rowhammer that essentially affects all platforms and memory as it attacks how DRAM functions and therefore no hardware or software can prevent it. Only firmware logic to detect it but the previous mitigations are no longer effective.

As physics would prove, the smaller and smaller the DRAM cells get thanks to advancement in technology, the more effective this exploit becomes as rows of cells are now closer together and therefore more cells can have their bits flipped.
It's quite interesting and worth researching if you want more information on how the attack works.

04-06-21, 12:23 PM

Google ran into an issue where certain instructions yielded incorrect results. As it turns out, some hardware defects managed to get past testing and caused silent corruption.

08-06-21, 11:02 AM
Artist is suing capcom for $12million. Apparently Capcom stole multiple images over the course of a few years from one of your books.

As much as 80 images/assets were used without permission.

when Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 4 were released in 2001 and 2005, respectively. It seems that Juracek wasn't sure there was copyright infringement at first, but sensitive data from the November 2020 Capcom ransomware attack confirmed her suspicions.

"The file names for at least one of the images from the Capcom hacked files are the same file names as those used on the CD-ROM," reads the lawsuit.


09-06-21, 04:41 AM
Source I got information from:

Original Source: https://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/ultra-high-density-hard-drives-made-with-graphene-store-ten-times-more-data

University of Cambridge research shows replacing carbon-based overcoats (COCs), with graphene layers(these layers protect the physical platter that stores data) allows for an incredible increase of data density by 10 fold because they are significantly thinner and requires less layers simultaneously. Allowing for significantly larger capacity HDDs all while improving every area of importance from COCs.

10-06-21, 08:18 PM
Jurassic World Evolution is coming out, A sequel to the 2018 park builder.


Probably just another hollow cash grab by FDev like the previous game to accompany the Jurassic Park movie coming out next year.

10-06-21, 08:36 PM
Jurassic World Evolution is coming out, A sequel to the 2018 park builder.


Probably just another hollow cash grab by FDev like the previous game to accompany the Jurassic Park movie coming out next year.

I wasn't expecting this.

10-06-21, 09:04 PM
I wasn't expecting this.

Not to sound like a smarta$$ but I was, FDev did the last one prior to Jurassic World Lost Kingdom coming out so it only made sense for them to do the next one too, Plus they built in way way too many limitations into the first game.

No mod support, Island creation was a complete no show, Some mechanics just seemed way too limiting.

11-06-21, 07:10 AM
Team Green turning to Team blue for help in emergencies?


11-06-21, 08:50 AM
Regarding the contents of that article, TSMC isn't as far ahead as people believe. There 7nm is still behind Intels 10nm, they only surpassed Intel with their 7nm+ node.

The best way to measure node advantages across these companies is transistor/mm^2. Still the most effective way to have the best performance is to have the best architecture. All the leading nodes are to close for them to be outright better in every metric. You need smarter architecture to be the best. That's why Nvidia still dominates AMD even though technically it's a 8nm vs 7nm battle. There density is similar so the better architecture wins.

So I call BS on that rumour. Nvidia will work with whoever can provide them enough supply and best price. AMD are contractually obligated to use TSMC and it's not like Intel would open up for them. Leaving them little choice

11-06-21, 03:54 PM

EA hacked, source code stolen. Including Fifa21 and proprietary frostbite engine code.

12-06-21, 03:09 AM
Microsoft have confirmed Windows 10 is nearly EOL... so much for Windows 10 being the "last" OS and just being updated often.


12-06-21, 10:35 PM
New James Cameron Avatar game, Open world FPS with RPG elements coming out next year and it's been in development since 2016'ish.