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14.3 Drivers Can Cause MSI 290 Lightning's fans to stop working

Just saw this and thought i'd let people know incase it affects them.

This is only a problem with the 14.3 and 14.2 beta drivers and only effects MSI's 290 Lightining. If you have one, roll back your drivers to 13.12 or earlier to avoid potential damaged to your card.

  1. Catalyst 14.3: Causes critical malfunction of side fans not functioning and middle fan locked at 30%. Manual override using MSI Afterburner or Catalyst Control Not possible. The result is almost certain damage to the GPU if it is put under continuous, heavy load.
  2. Catalyst 14.2: Causes the auto feature to malfunction, resulting in the side fans not spinning up and increasing RPM when GPU is put under load. The result is inadequate cooling and overheating. Manual override is possible.
  3. Catalyst 13.12: Everything works fine.

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